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From time to time I will be posting a Product Spotlight. These Spotlights will be on my favorite health-food products and will include a description and run down of the nutrients along with ideas for how to incorporate the product into your diet.

The first product I am spotlighting is my favorite yogurt, Siggi’s Icelandic Skyr Yogurt. Siggi’s Yogurt is not your typical greek yogurt. Technically, it’s Icelandic Skyr, which is similar to Greek yogurt. It’s thick like Greek yogurt and has loads of protein and other healthy nutrients, but it’s not nearly as tangy/sour tasting as greek yogurt. It’s creamier, AND it’s flavored naturally with much less sugar than many Greek yogurt brands.

The ingredients list alone says it all. Milk, Agave (natural plant-based sweetener), Vanilla, ¬†probiotics, and Vegetable Rennet (enzymes from certain vegetables that help with coagulation of milk). Completely natural, the way yogurt should be! The vanilla flavor is only 100cals for this container and it has 15g of protein and only 9g of sugar compared to another leading brand’s 13g of sugar. The strawberry Siggi’s has 11g of sugar, whereas the competitor’s version has 24g, plus a vague and longer ingredient list. Siggi’s strawberry has only milk, strawberries, pectin, and cane sugar.

Siggi’s Yogurt is a complete snack, containing just the right amount of carbohydrates and protein to keep you satisfied. It’s also great as a base for smoothies or yogurt parfaits for a complete breakfast! Plus, it is my favorite yogurt to use as a cooking ingredient. Just replace cream, milk, sour cream (or even cheese!) in any recipe with nonfat plain Siggi’s yogurt for a higher protein, lower fat meal. Take a look at their website¬† for recipe ideas or find any recipe that calls for greek yogurt. I once made a Butternut Squash Mac & Cheese using pureed butternut squash and Siggi’s yogurt, and my husband had NO idea that it wasn’t cheese :)¬† I’ll post that recipe when I make it again someday! In the meantime, for a quick high-protein vegetarian meal, try cooking 1 serving of whole wheat pasta (love Barilla!), drain the water and add low sodium canned black beans (approx 1/4-1/2c), and melt in 1 laughing cow light cheese wedge and 1/2c Siggi’s yogurt. I also add Sririachi sauce for some kick. Other optional ingredients are diced tomatoes, onions and garlic, black pepper, cumin. You can play around with the amounts of each ingredient according to your taste, and you can also make it without the black beans if you’re not a fan, but they’re a great addition for a little extra protein and fiber! One tip for using any greek yogurt for cooking is to add it last towards the end and on a low to low-medium heat or it may curdle.

Hope you enjoyed reading about my favorite yogurt! I am always suggesting it to clients so I thought I’d continue to spread the word. Please comment with any questions or your own recipe ideas!


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