Is There A Right Way To Snack?

What does the word “snack” mean to you? For many of my clients, it feels like a bad word. They’re afraid to snack even though they are starving between meals. They are cutting back on calories, so they avoid eating between meals, or they are afraid of eating the wrong thing so they just don’t do it. But then probably 99% of these people then make a bad decision at their next meal, or overeat because they have a hard time feeling satisfied. Does this all sound like you? Let’s change this!

I have always been the type of person to be starving between meals. I don’t ever remember a time that I could go from meal to meal without a snack. Well, I now know that this isn’t a bad thing, but what I was eating could be. I use to go from one extreme to the next, choosing low calorie diet-food snacks or fruits and veggies to then choosing chocolate, cookies, candy, etc. Even when I was choosing the low calorie and “healthy” options, I was never able to control my portions because I was too hungry. So eventually I had to learn the right way to snack in order to prevent overeating.

If you find yourself choosing low calorie or diet foods like 100 cal packs of cookies or crackers but then end up eating 2+ servings of it before switching to something more substantial… If you skip snacks because you don’t want to fall down that pit… If you try to avoid snacking just to end up at the vending machine…. Keep reading 🙂

The key to healthful snacking is this: No more diet foods. No more calorie restriction in place of nutrient-dense foods. Combine 2 different food groups, put them on a plate, and go sit down. No more munching from the bag of popcorn or box of crackers while you watch TV. No more endless grapes, 2 bananas, and 3 ice cream cones while you stand in your kitchen desperately trying to stop. Instead, choose 2 fresh whole foods like an apple with natural nut butter (check out my fave here!) or grapes and cheese, put them on a plate or in a bowl, and then go sit down (after putting the rest away of course). Does this mean no more chocolate ever? Of course not. I would never do that, and I’d never tell my clients or readers to do that. It just means thinking of your snacks as part of your nourishment for the day, and your chocolate as the small treat AFTER your nourishing meal or snack. Seriously. If you’re craving chocolate, don’t skip your healthy snack to save calories. Eat the healthy snack, drink some water, wait 5-10 minutes. Then if you still want the chocolate, have a little. I guarantee that if you do it that way, you’ll only have a small helping of the chocolate and still be just as satisfied, but if you skip the snack first… well, you’ll eat the whole damn bar. Trust me 😉 

It is possible to snack in a healthy way. Not only will it prevent you from overeating at your next meal and from making bad decisions, but it will also speed up your metabolism AND boost your energy! This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to how to properly snack. If you want to recondition your snacking habits, boost your energy, and rev your metabolism, then sign up for my mailing list and get my free Snacking for Your Metabolism guide. You’ll learn how to properly combine food groups (SUPER important) AND you’ll get a list of great ideas!

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