Amanda Goodwin MS RDN LDN

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What is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist?

There are many different levels of nutrition experts in the world, commonly known as Nutritionists. While some Nutritionists without their RD/RDN may hold some knowledge on healthy nutrition, only Registered Dietitians/Nutritionists are required to follow a specific educational path. The first step is to earn a 4 year Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Nutrition. A degree in Nutrition includes the study of the anatomy and physiology of the body, as well as the body’s chemistry and the chemistry of food and nutrients. This education also includes training for effective counseling and research, making the RDN an expert in knowing which information is concrete and evidence-based and which is under-researched and irrelevant.  After obtaining a degree, the RDN must complete a 9-10 month Supervised Practice in various settings before passing the comprehensive exam which qualifies us to work as a Registered Dietitian-Nutritionist. Only as a RDN do we have continuous access to up-to-date information based on in-depth scientific research.

About this RDN

Amanda Goodwin, MS RDN LDN obtained her B.S. of Science in Nutrition and Dietetics at West Chester University of PA in 2008. After graduating, she went on to post-graduate studies at Meredith College in Raleigh, NC where she earned a M.S. in Nutrition in 2010. In 2011, she completed her Supervised Practice with ARAMARK, which was heavily based in clinical nutrition.  After passing the RD/RDN exam in July 2011, Amanda began her first job as the sole dietitian in a Long Term Care setting where she worked for 2 years before accepting a job as Nutrition Care Manager in another large LTC facility. Amanda is now focused solely on outpatient counseling in order to make a more meaningful impact in the public’s health.

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