The Metabolism Rescue

Over the years, I have noticed a commonly recurring theme in my nutrition counseling sessions: Restriction followed by overeating, resulting in yo-yo dieting and damaged metabolisms. My clients come to me no longer able to lose weight like they used to, and while age does play a factor in this of course, it is in large part due to the extreme yo-yoing in both their diet and their weight.¬†For these clients, our goals are all about resetting the metabolism, which is what you’ll learn to do in my new book, The Metabolism Rescue.

This book is not a crash diet, in fact it’s not a “diet” at all. It will teach you how to balance the right foods in the right amounts in order to rebuild your metabolism, strengthen your willpower, boost your energy, ultimately lose weight, and never diet again.

If you have spent your life on and of a diet, with no in between, and now find yourself struggling to lose weight and keep it off, this book is for you. Click here to purchase your copy, only $2.99 Limited Time Only!