Which Meal Subscription is Best for You?

I’m back! It’s been a crazy year between the new puppy, the new house, the business, and of course our first year of marriage! During these crazy times, I really wanted to continue to cook fresh, healthy meals so I thought what a great time to try out those meal subscriptions I keep hearing about! Here’s my report, just in time for a last minute gift idea for the Holidays!… subscriptions make GREAT gifts!!

I tried 3 different services- Blue Apron, Hello Fresh, and Chef’d. 

Blue Apron was the first one I tried. I enjoyed cooking the recipes, and my husband enjoyed helping. I personally liked the type of recipes, although they were a little too adventurous for my husband. I thought the meals were very tasty, but a little too rich, or salty (or something!) for me. The cost was reasonable- 3 meals that serve 2 for $59.94. Some of the recipes were good enough portions that I could get 2 meals out of just my portion, but some of them weren’t filling enough and left me still hungry. Considering I was still hungry, I felt that the calorie level was very high, at least for me. We also did end up giving away a couple of our recipes because while it says you can cook these quickly, trust me you cannot. It takes time, so we only would have enough time to cook them 2 days out of the week, not 3. Another good note that I actually didn’t realize at the time, is that you can choose your recipes out of a selection. Don’t quote me on this- it says on the website that you can choose based on dietary preferences, but since I didn’t know that, I don’t know exactly how that works. Their 2 plans include a 2-Person and a Family. Bonus: They also have a wine subscription service 🙂

Hello Fresh was the next one we tried. A little more expensive at $69 for their Classic Plan, and again the lowest option was still 3 meals per week, which is too much for our busy life. Maybe it’s just us, but I still always felt like it took us longer to cook than it says! I enjoyed these recipes a little more, and so did my husband. Calorie levels were about the same as Blue Apron, but I felt that they weren’t quite as salty. Plus they earned major bonus points with me for sending me a free Hello Fresh apron (see pic)! You can also choose your meals with Hello Fresh. I did know that this time, because they sent me an email asking me to choose. Nice and easy! And delicious! Also important to note, that they seem to
have a lot of deals and discounts, so that may make it less expensive. Their 3 plans include Classic, Vegetarian, and Family.

The last one I tried was Chef’d. This one was my favorite! There are 6 plans to choose from, meaning they definitely have something to meet your nutritional needs! The 6 plans are “Atkins, Weight Watchers, Tone It Up Fresh, American Diabetes Association, Spoon University, and New York Times Cooking. Chef’d teamed up with Atkins, Weight Watchers, and the ADA to ensure that their recipes fit the requirements for each of those diets. The Tone It Up Fresh is a new plan since we ordered it, and to be honest I’m not sure about the description because I had trouble viewing the video. I ordered the Weight Watchers plan for myself, simply because I was tired of cooking meals way higher than what my normal calorie range for weight maintenance is. I thought they were simple, delicious, and exactly what I would cook for myself without having to do the planning or shopping! Chef’d also had the most meals to choose from out of these 3 services, and you can swap their suggestions each week.   ALSO….. you can choose as little as 1 meal per week!! Win Win Win 🙂 If you’re looking for a Christmas gift for someone, this may be it!

Winner of the Healthiest Subscription service... Chef’d! At least out of these 3 services. Simply for the fact that they offer so many different options. Everyone is different and therefore we all have different nutritional needs, but you’ll be sure to find your needs met at Chef’d! Especially because they partner up with the respective organizations to ensure accuracy!

Least healthy: Sad to say I felt this was Blue Apron. They call for salt literally after every single step. I didn’t follow those steps, but my husband kept trying to 🙂

Take a look at my Instagram for more pictures of the meals I tried, as well as some other recipes and products I love. My instagram name is @happilynourishedrd, or follow the link on the webpage.

I may go on to explore more services, and if I do, I’ll certainly report back!

Hope everyone has a great holiday and a Happy and Healthy New Year! See you in 2017!


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