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Nutrition Counseling:

The main goal of Nutrition Counseling is to create long-term healthy habits that build into an overall healthy lifestyle.  These sessions should be treated as true counseling sessions- not just nutrition education. The client will be educated about healthful eating as needed or desired, however each session is designed to help you cope with everyday life that may interfere with your healthy lifestyle and overall goal/objective, whether it be to lose weight, control or prevent chronic disease, or to simply become healthier and happier. Together, small and realistic goals will be set at the end of each session, based on changes in nutrition and lifestyle.

  • Sessions can be conducted face to face in an office setting or virtually via Healthie Telehealth. 
  • **Insurances Accepted: Horizon, Aetna, United, Amerihealth, and Keystone. Please note only office sessions are covered by insurance .

Nutrition Coaching:

45-60min initial consultation, followed by regular contact focusing on in-depth review of your diet and exercise habits via online journals and weekly virtual or phone meetings which include:

  • Virtual pantry overhaul
  • In-person or virtually guided grocery shopping
  • Guided menu planning
  • Holistic lifestyle discussions- not only will we focus on diet and exercise, but also other factors in your life that may be holding you back from being your happiest self, such as stress, relationship patterns, self-esteem, organization, etc
  • Goal setting

Guided Meal Planning & Review

  • We will work together each week to plan meals for the week.
  • Food and exercise journal reviews each week

Virtual Nutrition Buddy

  • Record your food intake, exercise, and measurements and receive regular feedback
  • Get tips on what you’re already eating, advice on making it easier, and  regular encouragement and praise for your success.


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