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nutrition counseling

Looking for accountability, help with goal setting, personalized nutrition education, and guidance for holistic behavioral changes? Ask about general nutrition counseling for healthy eating, weight management, chronic disease prevention/management, or disordered eating patterns, and ask about insurance coverage! Located in Cherry Hill, NJ.

meal planning

If you’re struggling to meal plan for you or for your family, I can help! With my exclusive Happily Nourished Meal Planning Membership, you’ll get access to pre-made meal plans, tons of recipes, the ability to create your own meal plans from scratch, PLUS exclusive educational content. Click here to see what you get with this service .

nutrition coaching

If you’ve ever felt sick of dieting or that diets and food are consuming your life, I hear you! If you’d like to feel free, healthy, happy, and whole again, take a look at my complete Lifestyle Transformation packages!

About Me

My name is Amanda! I am the founder of and Registered Dietitian at Happily Nourished. I started this company because I was sick of seeing everyone around me struggle with their restrictive diets and their body image. They were spiraling down the yo-yo diet rabbit-holes with no end in sight, and I wanted to be the one to change that!

I am dedicated to helping you learn how to get your energy back and your joy of food back. No more stress or guilt about what to eat. No more “forbidden” foods. Simply a healthy lifestyle that allows for freedom, energy, overall wellness, and happiness!


Imagine if you could…

Ditch your diet forever

Increase your energy

Feel great in your own skin

Manage your weight and health

Your diet is not working!

Stop trying all the things you know don’t work or once did work but stopped.

Let me help you determine exactly what YOUR body needs to feel it’s best and teach you how to live a holistically well and happy lifestyle!


You and the program were great! I feel equipped to make smart choices and I've been sticking to the workouts. The other week my husband told me he was proud at how committed I was to the lifestyle change, and he even noticed my weight loss! So yeah, you're amazing.  

A. Mason

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Download the Free Guide Here!

lose weight

Are you sick of dieting? I know how you feel. It’s tedious. You’re hungry. You don’t want to spend your life worrying about what to eat or what your body looks like.

You think that the answer HAS to be to lose weight once and for all and then just keep it off. Right?

It’s not QUITE that simple.

In this guide, I will walk you through the steps you need to take in order to break this cycle.

You could just stop calorie counting.

But I know you fear weight gain and you fear the lack of control.

So you need to take these steps.

These steps will help you get your life back!

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