25 Ideas for a Non-Diet New Year’s Resolution for a Happy & Healthy 2019

Diets don’t work. So why would a diet-focused New Year’s Resolution work? Yet we still all make them. If diets worked, then you wouldn’t need a New Year’s Resolution or a new diet because the last one you tried would have done the trick. Or the one before that. Or before that. This doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t have a goal to lose weight if that’s what we want to do. And it doesn’t mean we shouldn’t make healthy choices. It does mean we should reject the diet mentality and set goals and resolutions that truly motivate us all year round and help us to live a full and happy life.

The Right Resolution

If we don’t set a New Year’s resolution based on our diet, then what should we set? Your resolution should excite you, not fill you with dread. A resolution should feel fulfilling, not depriving. A goal or resolution that forces us to deprive ourselves, will never work because we can never maintain happiness while trying to achieve it. You will burn out. Like you did last time.

25 Ideas for Your Next Resolution

Here are a list of ideas that will help you make 2019 both healthy and happy without focusing on unrealistic dieting or exercise choices! Enjoy!

  1. Let go of guilt.
  2. Let go of anger/resentment.
  3. Take more time for self-care.
  4. Organize house or office.
  5. Try new recipes.
  6. Have a simple to follow plan for meals and snacks to reduce stress of scrambling last minute.
  7. Establish non-food related stress-coping habits.
  8. Try a new outdoor activity.
  9. Vacation somewhere you’ve never been.
  10. Have more family meal times.
  11. Find more time for friends or family.
  12. Keep in better touch with friends/family who are far away.
  13. Practice being in the moment instead of worrying about the next or dwelling on the previous.
  14. Take up meditation.
  15. Take up yoga or another activity you’ve been interested in but have been afraid to try.
  16. Make a new friend.
  17. Reconnect with an old friend.
  18. Plan more date nights with significant other.
  19. Take up a new hobby.
  20. Start a business you’ve been to afraid to start in the past.
  21. Go back to school if you’ve been thinking about it.
  22. Let go of expectations placed on yourself, others, or situations.
  23. Keep a gratitude journal.
  24. Improve self-esteem and self-confidence by changing the way you talk to yourself.
  25. Cook more often.

I hope this list gave you some ideas for making 2019 your best and favorite year yet!

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