My Mission

I am dedicated to helping you nourish your body and mind, navigate family nutrition, and live, eat & move more mindfully. My goal is for you to break free from the restrictive diets that are holding you back from a happy and full life, so that you can achieve your health and fitness goals while improving your relationship to food. I will help you and your family feel liberated from the guilt diets cause and the stress that can come with mealtimes. I want nutrition to help you feel energized and confident in your own skin!

My Vision

The vision of Happily Nourished is to make a significant impact on ending the diet culture. Our goal is to help individuals and families create a positive relationship with food by teaching you how to use food as fuel for energy and metabolism by focusing on nourishment and mindful eating instead of restriction.

You are a mom trying to navigate family nutrition & lifestyle.

You are a woman who feels imbalanced & a lack of energy.

You are pregnant and struggle with anxiety about your changing body and your nutrition needs.

You are a new mom struggling to lose weight, balance nutrition into your new role, and cope with postpartum body image.

You have PCOS or suspect hormonal imbalances.

You have or are at risk for diabetes or gestational diabetes.

You are struggling to manage or prevent other health-related concerns such as high cholesterol and/or triglycerides, hypertension, IBS, etc, and lack the confidence to make the necessary changes.

You are a woman who has been on restrictive diets for years and feels that her metabolism is damaged and/or hormones are disrupted.

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