Boost Energy Levels with these Snack Hacks

I think this is one of the most common complaints that I hear. It seems like almost everyone I meet is running low on energy. What most people don’t realize is that while low energy levels could be a result of many things, very often the reason is your nutrition (or lack of).

There are 2 things I think about:

1) The entire country seems to be on a diet or restricting their food for some reason

2) The entire country seems to be exhausted all the time.

Could it be that these 2 things are related?? Sure, there are probably many reasons that our energy levels are so low- you’re a parent, you’re overworked at your job, you can’t sleep. Maybe all of the above. But there’s also a very good chance that part of the reason is your nutrition, and even if it’s not, you can still use these 3 hacks I’ve listed below to help boost your energy level and get you through your day with less stress and overwhelm!

Snack Hack One

When you’re choosing snacks to improve energy levels, ditch the processed foods and choose fresh, whole, nutrient-dense foods like fruits, whole grains, nuts, and dairy. This means ditching the diet foods!

No more low-calorie cookies or 100 cal packs (unless it’s just a pack of nuts because all they did here was portion it out for you). These foods are not energizing. All you’re doing when you munch on these, is cause more cravings.  You’re still hungry and you’re looking for more, and now you’re stressing because you’re hungry and tired and trying to avoid eating more- none of which is good for your energy!

PS here’s an extra little secret- anything that’s low calorie, is also low ENERGY! Remember that calories are simply units of energy.

Snack Hack Two

Don’t eat fruit alone. Yes, fruit is a very healthy and delicious choice. But when it comes to energy levels- it’s going to give you just a little boost, but then a big crash, when you eat it by itself. Always have a little protein and/or healthy fat with your fruit. For ex: apple and peanut butter or grapes and cheese or berries and nuts. Personally, my favorite combo is pears, ricotta, and cinnamon 😋.

Snack Hack Three

Know when to eat your snacks! You should be snacking

1) if you’re hungry or

2) if your next meal is more than 4 hours after your last.

During that 4 hours, your blood sugar will dip too low, and your energy will go right with it.

You should also be planning ahead. Don’t wait until you get hungry or tired to figure out what you’re going to eat, otherwise, the m&m’s will be looking real good in that vending machine (at least they have nuts right??). Bring a snack with you to keep that energy level up. Then, if you still want those m&ms (or donuts, cookies, etc), you can have some without it hurting your energy level!

Boost Energy Levels with these Ideas!

energy level

Need some ideas and/or a little more guidance? I’ve created a guide just for that- the Tired Mom’s Ultimate Snacking Guide. Download here by joining my community!

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