My Favorite Recipes that Include Carbs!

As I’m sure most of you know by now, I’m a carb lover. If I don’t eat carbs, I get cranky. It’s not a strange thing- our bodies need carbs and our minds need carbs. Did you know that carbs boost your mood? It’s not the same thing as “emotional eating”. Carbs BOOST serotonin levels. I have many clients come to me with a history of depression, and they don’t know why they’ve been struggling extra with energy and depression while they’re trying to lose weight, and then they tell me that they haven’t been eating carbs. So obviously the first thing I do is add carbs back into their diet in a healthy way.

Here are a couple of my favorite recipes (disclaimer, not my own recipes) that include carbs!

healthy carbs
Healthier Kettle Corn by Nutritious Life Official

Popcorn is actually considered a whole grain! If you avoid the movie theater style toppings, it can actually be a very healthy snack. This is my favorite recipe for it, chock full of healthy fat with a touch of that sweetness I love 🙂

healthy carbs

Sweet potato taquitos by super healthy kids

I love carbs and that includes anything with sweet potatoes and black beans! Wrap them in a whole wheat tortilla, and you’ve got me hooked  🙂

healthy carbs

Autumn Roasted Veggies with Apples and Pecans

If you can’t tell, I love autumn recipes! This is an amazing combination of high fiber veggies and carbs with some healthy fats. Yum Yum Yum!

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