How a New Mom Ended Her Diet

When my friend Christine and I first met, she was completely submerged in the diet cycle. She had lost 40 pounds on Weight Watchers about 6 years before, but was struggling to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Portion control was leaving her bored and hungry. Christine tried a few different restrictions and “fad” diets that she didn’t think seemed crazy at the time. But she would always fall off track and then beat herself up for it. She felt as though it was her fault, since all of these diets were supposed to “work”. But it wasn’t her fault. And she would soon learn why.

When It All Changed

After her husband had a health scare and took a trip to the ER, Christine knew they needed to make some changes. They wanted a different lifestyle that would help them manage their health and weight without making them feel bored or deprived. And they no longer wanted to feel stressed or guilty every time they thought about their meals. Both Christine and her husband knew they couldn’t diet anymore but still wanted to live healthfully. In addition, she and her husband were trying to start a family. Christine knew that she didn’t want to pass this bad dieting habit on to her child. She also knew the most important thing was for her to have a healthy pregnancy.

Goodbye Diet!

This is when I met Christine. Christine was eager to learn about what a “healthy” diet and lifestyle really looked like. She felt hopeful that she would find some way of doing this that would help her feel great both physically and mentally. I was so excited to help her!  The first thing Christine and I did was add variety to her diet and lift her restrictions. During her pregnancy, we focused on prenatal nutrition, and postpartum we focused on getting enough nutrients, self care, and stress management. Of course Christine wanted to lose the baby weight, but she trusted me that restriction was not the answer.

The Big Picture

Christine worked so hard. I could see the changes she was making, and I am so proud of her! Christine already knew a lot about nutrition, and she learned quickly what she didn’t, so a lot of our time was focusing on her holistic health. Being a new mom and a working mom, stress was a big factor, and so was her time. But Christine made the effort and took the time to take care of herself and we worked together to find a routine that worked for her. She implemented stress relieving strategies, self care regimens, and set goals for personal growth. Christine and her husband also made healthy homemade meals a priority for their family.

She and I worked together to make this all realistic for HER lifestyle. Like many moms, Christine wanted to exercise but didn’t want to cut into time with her son. She knew what was really important to her, but she also knew that exercise would make her feel her best and allow her to be an even better mom, so we made that work too.

Where Christine is Now

Christine’s son is now almost 2 years old, and she repeatedly tells me that she feels “amazing”. She states that she “has never felt so great in [her] life”. Christine now knows how important mental health is to overall health, and she continues to take time for her mind. She spends valuable time with her husband and son, yet exercises whenever it feels good and rests when it doesn’t. Christine feels great about her meals and about herself, has improved her career and overall work situation, and as a bonus, happens to also be at her happy weight (more on what a “happy weight” is in a future post!).

Christine was even inspired to start her own blog about her ongoing journey called Diary of a Pseudo-Fit Mom. She wanted to inspire others to be kinder to themselves about their workouts and nutrition. Christine knows the importance of exercise and proper nutrition, but also that having good mental health means not obsessing over these things. She didn’t think this would classify her as “fit” in the eyes of society (which is a whole other topic!), so “pseudo-fit” is what she lovingly calls herself.

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