How I Lost Weight For My Wedding Without Counting Calories

About six and a half years ago, I walked into a bar without having any clue that my life was about to change forever. There stood my husband Dan and his boys… and the rest is history! I’ve always fluctuated a bit with my weight even before I met him, but it was fairly easy to eat healthy and exercise. Somehow though, I ended up with this person who hated both! For the record, he actually almost didn’t ask me out on a second date when I told him I was a Dietitian. That’s how much he hates healthy food!

Why Dieting Wasn’t Working

Over the next few years, I struggled with my weight, struggled to find a way to stay healthy and be in this relationship. At some points, I had it figured out and at others, I was back to following his stupid ways. Once we got engaged, I knew I needed to change something. I wanted to feel like myself on my wedding day… my BEST self. To me, this of course meant losing some weight and getting fit, but it also meant feeling strong and being happy and secure and confident.

How I Learned to Nourish My Body

I knew that dieting would not help me reach these goals. So I dug deep and used what I knew from my 7 years of training and education to make the changes I needed. Instead of counting calories and eliminating food groups, I actually USED food as a way to reach my goals. All of them. I did not cut carbs. I did not cut calories. Or fat. And I did not keep track of every single thing I ate. I ate. Delicious food. Real food. And because of the fact that I ate real food and didn’t skimp on calories, I was actually able to have enough energy to exercise ENJOYABLY. I was able to exercise efficiently and effectively. And when it came time to the wedding, I fit in my dress. I felt great. And strong. I hiked 2 volcanoes in Costa Rica on our honeymoon. It was amazing, I had discovered the secret!

Our Engagement!
Trolley ride from our ceremony 🙂
Honeymoon in Costa Rica!

 Why it Wasn’t Enough

Through this all, I was missing one thing. I spent the year, nourishing myself and exercising. This much I had right. But I was so busy with the planning of the wedding, I forgot to learn how to appreciate it all. How to appreciate the food I was fueling my body with. How to appreciate my ability to exercise and prepare meals for myself. And most importantly, how to appreciate my body. Appreciate it for exactly what it is. For who I am. For what I can do and what my body can do. Because of this, it became difficult to maintain. Without the appreciation, I lost sight of it all and slipped back. I gained weight back and realized all I had taken for granted.

Where I’m at Now

I spent the following year learning to embrace my body and all it can do. It was hard work, but it was so worthwhile. I am so happy I did because it became an absolute LIFELINE this past year. You see, I had a baby in September 2017. If there is ever a time that you need to appreciate your body, it’s postpartum. And now, I am happily and confidently, losing the baby weight using nourishment and enjoyable activity, AND appreciating and loving my body for all that it has given me.

Don’t Do This Alone!

It’s been one heck of a roller coaster on a journey that I know isn’t over. It has become my passion to help others who are going through it too.  I want to make sure no one has to figure this out on their own. I had a background in nutrition and still felt alone. But you don’t have to. Let me help!  Through all my ups and downs, I have been able to figure out all the secrets. Therefore you don’t have to! All the steps it takes to get in shape, feel amazing, and never have to diet again are just a phone call or email away!  I can’t wait to hear from you and help you get started on this amazing journey!

One last thing…

To get you started on this journey, I have a free guide, 5 Steps to Take Now to Stop Calorie Counting for Good. Download now before you even book your first appointment!

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