How My Weight Loss Journey Taught Me the Secret- Part 1

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So everyone has their own story. Their own journey of how they got to wherever it is they are in life. Their path to weight loss, to gaining confidence. How they found that dream job or met their soulmate.

My story is about learning to love food AND my body at any size AND how to manage my weight once and for all. And it begins about 15 years ago when I started college.

Just the Beginning

As a high school student, I never had to worry about my weight. I thought I did of course. I thought I wasn’t skinny enough, pretty enough. You know the drill. When I got to college, at first I was terrified of gaining weight. I worked out too hard, and I wasn’t having any fun. Then I pledged my sorority and decided I was sick of not having fun, and I ended up going to the opposite extreme. I did the normal college thing- partied, went to class, slept, ate, repeat. No exercise. I gained 25 pounds. I was horrified.

Making Changes

That spring, I made some small changes and lost a few pounds, but I got serious about my weight loss when I went home for the summer. I learned a lot about making healthy choices without sacrificing everything you enjoy in life. I lost the weight, and that’s when I decided to become a Registered Dietitian. I wanted to help others be as successful as I was!

The Next Chapter

Throughout the rest of college, I gained a couple pounds back, but I kept most of the weight off. The problem was that I still felt “fat”. I was way too hard on myself. When I got to grad school, I had an epiphany. I looked at myself in the mirror one day and finally said “WHAT are you complaining about??” I told myself “You don’t need to hold yourself to fitness model standards. You are pretty, you have a flat stomach and curves in rall the right places. Just eat healthy, exercise, be happy, and SHUT UP!” We don’t feel comfortable saying nice things like that to ourselves. Society tells us this is vain. But it was the best thing I have ever told myself. And I actually listened.

Finding Balance

I learned so much about myself and about balance. Balance in my diet, balance with health and fun, and balance between school, work, and life. I dropped an entire dress size without even trying. I was happy and confident. My body image fluctuated a bit of course because I am human, but instead of dwelling on it each time the mean girl came to the surface, I embraced it and then let it go, and overall I was happy. I had learned that through balance and embracing my body, I was able to improve both my fitness/weight AND how I felt about myself. This was the first part to my ultimate secret.

Things Change, So Does Your Weight

I spent the next few years this way. Until the “real world” changed things again. Life happens. Life changes. Our routines change, our priorities change. With it, we need to change our habits and perspectives. Look for Part 2 to learn the next part of my journey!

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