How to Eat Carbs While Losing Weight

Yep, you read that title right! Most of my clients come to me and immediately start talking about a low carb diet. But I have to tell you a little secret- I almost ALWAYS add carbs back into my client’s diet. Seriously, it’s the first thing I do. You see, by the time my clients come to me, they’ve either yo yo dieted, low carb or no carb dieted, or overexercised their metabolisms into dormancy. So we can’t make any progress towards any goals until we fix it.

Why You Should Eat Carbohydrates

While everyone’s needs vary, carbohydrates are actually essential to a healthy metabolism. This is why a low carb diet doesn’t work for everyone. For those that need less carbohydrates, they might do well with a low carb diet, but even then, most of the time, the person is going too low or sabotaging themselves by not eating any carbs at all, or by not re-introducing carbohydrates soon enough or in the correct way.

When eaten correctly, carbohydrates are also the key to increased energy, blood sugar stabilization, hunger control, craving management, and control of portions and choices.

Ditch the Low Carb Diet

Here’s how to ditch the low carb diet for good:

  1. Start small-

    If you’re already on a low carb diet, don’t try to add all the carbs you used to eat back in all at once. You’ll feel sick, sluggish, bloated, and probably put weight back on.

  2. Choose Whole Grains-

    The recommendation for whole grains is that half of your grains should be whole each day. That being said, the less refined grains and more whole grains you can do, the better. My suggestion is to plan for all your carbohydrates to be whole and save the refined grains for when you’re out to eat or at a party- something that doesn’t happen on a regular or frequent basis. Try whole grain toast or oatmeal for breakfast, whole grain pita bread for lunch, brown rice or quinoa for dinner.

  3. Don’t Forget the Protein-

    In order to really do this right and stabilize your blood sugar and increase your energy and metabolism, please don’t forget to include protein whenever you eat carbohydrates. Try eggs with your toast, milk or nuts in your oatmeal, protein powder in your fruit smoothies.

  4. Choose Least Processed Options-

    I’m definitely a convenience girl. The least work I have to do, the better! So I’m all for easier options, when they make sense. But it’s important to try to choose less processed options. For example, instant oatmeal is such an easy way to get your whole grains in, but most instant oats come with a lot of sodium and excess sugar. Try my favorite Qi’a oatmeal packets These wholesome packets got me through my early postpartum and breastfeeding days. I needed the oats, and I needed them easily and quickly. But there is no added salt, no added sweetener, so I felt great about it.


To sum it all up- you need carbs. The amount in which you need carbs differs per person, or it can even differ per meal or per day. To learn how to make carbs actually WORK for YOU, please reach out! I’d love to help.

You can get started by downloading my free guide, 5 Steps to Take Now to Stop Calorie Counting for Good.

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