How to Find Motivation When You’re a Mom

I’m sure we can all agree that before we became moms, we only THOUGHT we were tired. We only THOUGHT we were busy. 

We thought we lacked motivation before. But now we only WISH we were that motivated! 

Now that we have kids, everything is different. That includes what motivates us.

So how do we find motivation now that we’re moms?

Why It’s So Freakin Hard

Mama. Your life is totally different now. Trust me when I say, it is OKAY that you prioritize family over fitness or your weight. 

We are constantly being pulled in 2 different directions: we have to be the best mom we can be and always put our kids first AND YET we are expected to maintain the same level of fitness and health as before. This is ludicrous. And infuriating to me.  

I won’t go on too long about this for your sake, but I feel like we are all brainwashed into thinking that we should care so much about our weight by way of making us feel like we are healthier for doing so, or that we are lazy if we don’t. This is batshit crazy (pardon my French), but I digress. 

The point is that THIS is why it’s so hard. We’re still being force-fed the wrong motivations for making healthy choices.

What’s So Different

This may seem obvious. Or it may not. But think about this… the first time you held your baby/babies, was there ANYTHING else in the world that seemed more important? Nope. Of course not. Not your weight, not how many burpees you can do, not whether or not you can eat your birthday cake without feeling guilty. Nothing. 
Guys… THAT’S what’s different! Yes, you may still want to lose the “baby weight” and feel fit. Yes, you may long to fit into those pair of jeans again. But compared to what you now have in your life, it’s just a blip on your radar. So why would you choose these things to focus on? Why not choose what’s really important to you as your motivation?

how to find motivation

How to Find Motivation Using What’s Really Important

Shifting your focus is way easier said than done. So where do you start? Start with gratitude. 

Gratitude for your beautiful babies, your health, your ability to birth, nourish, and raise your babies no matter what your body looks like. Be grateful for the unconditional love of your children and for the love and support of those around you. 

Once you can focus on the gratitude you feel, you get a better perspective of what’s really important in your life. It helps you let go of the negative body image and the brainwashing that goes on daily that tells us we’re not enough. 

I know it’s tempting to “bash” yourself into motivation. You want to tell yourself you’re a fat-ass so that you get off the couch. You want to tell yourself that you’re gross so you don’t eat the sugar. But this ALWAYS BACKFIRES. Without fail. Trust me- start with gratitude instead.

Actionable Steps for How to Find Motivation

  1. Start a gratitude journal. One of the hardest parts of making these kinds of changes is learning to be kind to yourself. Even if you’re not the “journal-type”, give it a shot. Any little bit is better than nothing. Write down what you’re grateful for- big and small, internal or external. 
  2. Make a list of your core values. Once you start acknowledging the things you are grateful for, it’s easier to see what your core values really are. Write them down, and make sure to include them when moving on to the next step.
  3. Create a vision for what you want your life to look like. Include your core values- what do you wish for these values? For instance- your kids are obviously at the top of the list. So what do you want for them? A present mom? A happy, energetic mom? A mom who is able to teach them and mold them into self-sufficient adults? Your partner or support system is likely on this list as well. What do you wish for them and how can you contribute? What do you want to accomplish? And, what will it take to get there?
  4. Acknowledge that you need self-care in order to make ALL of the above happen. You cannot pour from an empty cup. It’s cliche, but it bears repeating. You simply can’t. In order to care for all of the important things and people in your life, you need to take care of yourself. You need to take care of yourself in order to accomplish the important goals in your life. 
  5. Plan out self-care steps and behavioral changes to make that will take you TOWARDS your vision. What kind of exercise will make you feel your best, mentally and physically? What kinds of food will give you the most energy and what might make you feel sluggish? Are there things can you do in your free time that will re-center you and re-energize you to be more present for the rest of your life? These are the questions you should ask when you plan your goals. You should also ask these questions when you feel yourself pulled back into the brainwashing world of dieting. Will this carb-free diet help you get more energy? Um, nope. Move on!
how to find motivation

Why This Works

When you use your core values and gratitude to motivate you, you end up setting goals that align with who you are. It’s ok to want to lose weight. But WHY. Dig deeper than wanting to fit into a specific pair of jeans or taking better pictures. Those are not invalid reasons, but they’re not what’s important to you at your CORE. So it will not motivate you for the long term. Feeling physically better and energized and with less stress, so you can be the best mom you can be- THAT’S what will help you make changes that stick. And honestly, once you reach those goals, the scale ends up not mattering. Which is a good thing, so don’t let that scare you away 🙂

Get Started Here!

So all of this is so easy… to say 😉 Not so easy to do. You may want to set nutrition goals and fitness goals that point to these values, but you don’t know what those are. Luckily I have a free download that I think you could really use, mama! It’s called the Tired Mom’s Ultimate Guide to Snacking. If you’re looking for more energy to keep with your littles, this is it. So click the link asap and get your download instantly!

how to find motivation


Another layer to staying on track and finding motivation is accountability. Get yourself an accountability partner, or learn ways to keep yourself accountable like scheduling things into your calendar, offering yourself non-food rewards for accomplishing certain tasks, and scheduling time to review your goals and progress each week. 

If you’re local to my area, I’m also hosting a super exciting challenge with Fitness4U for the month of September. It’s a point-based challenge, so it’s a GREAT way to stay accountable for exercise, nutrition goals, and other self care activities PLUS you’ll have the chance to win prizes! Click here to learn more and sign up. Act now so you don’t miss any days!!

how to find motivation

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