Why You Should Enjoy Holidays Without Food Guilt

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How many of you dread the holiday season simply because of all the temptations? So many of my clients work so hard all year, and when the holidays come around they start to get anxious and they develop what I call “food guilt”. How are they going to stay on track and not waste or sabotage their efforts and success?

The idea that food guilt is causing this much anxiety during a time when we should feel cheerful and happy and blessed makes me cringe. My goal for all of my clients is that food never causes anxiety. So when the holidays come around and I see the stress and anxiety return to my client’s face, I get itchy to do something about it!

Why Food Guilt Doesn’t Work

I want to start by talking about why you shouldn’t feel anxious or stressed about food during the holidays. You might be surprised how many people (or maybe not surprised) look at this anxiety as a good thing. They may think that having this anxiety will keep them from gaining weight. Maybe for some it will, but it likely won’t. What it will do, is prevent you from enjoying the holidays. Come January, you’ll feel nothing but the stress of the holidays burning you out mentally and physically. Instead of starting the new year off on the right foot, you’ll likely start making unhealthy decisions both for your physical and mental health. You might even feel depressed, bad about yourself, and lack confidence to make any changes you want to make or keep any New Year’s resolutions.

The Right Mindset

Imagine if you could both enjoy the holidays without food guilt AND avoid weight gain. It is actually very possible. But it starts with your mindset. Recognize that you’re only human. Remind yourself that it’s ok if you look forward to your mom’s special Christmas cookie every year. It doesn’t make you a “fatty”. It doesn’t make you a “glutton” or a “pig”. These are all things I actually hear people say about themselves. This is what I mean by “food guilt”. None of these things are true. Holiday food is tied to our childhood and to traditions that our families have passed down from generation to generation. You should look forward to this. Recognize what this means to you and allow yourself to be excited for your favorites!

Changing your mindset is only the first step. There are other tips that can help you avoid holiday food guilt and holiday weight gain.

Watch my video below for more tips and download my free guide, 5 Steps to Take Now to Stop Calorie Counting for Good!

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